Welfare assessment of lumpfish

A systematic assessment is essential to ensure lumpfish welfare both in hatcheries and in sea cages. 


That´s why Norwegian consulting company Aqua Kompetanse has collaborated with Val FoU, GIFAS, Akvaplan-niva and the University of Bergen in developing manuals, field forms and digital reports to make the assessment of lumpfish welfare easier. 

The documents providing standardized methods for assessing and reporting lumpfish welfare status are available for free of charge downloading. 

The manuals provide an introduction on to how to carry out a systematic assessment of welfare. They also include information on the possible causes of various findings, the impact they can have on fish welfare and measures that can be taken to avoid a negative development of fish welfare. In addition to the manuals, there are field forms and digital reports where the welfare status is calculated automatically so that the amount of work is minimized.

Download the documents



Manual for welfare assessment of lumpfish in hatcheries

Field form hatcheries – excel

Field form hatcheries – pdf





Sea cages


Manual for welfare assessment of lumpfish in sea cages

Field form sea cages – excel

Field form sea cages – pdf






Do you have any questions regarding the manuals?

Please contact Lauris Boissonnot, Ph.D.
R&D coordinator